ADR : alternative dispute resolution procedures


To meet the legal requirements governing Afnic, the French Network Information Center has set up two alternative dispute resolution procedures enabling any individual or corporation to recover a domain name or to obtain its withdrawal :

  •  SYRELI procedure: has set up by Afnic since 2011. Decisions are reached by the College.
  • ADR EXPERT: has set up by Afnic in collaboration with WIPO. Decisions are reached by experts who are selected on file by Afnic and WIPO.

If you feel that a domain name falls within the scope of the cases provided for in Article L.45-2 of the French Electronic Communications and Telecommunications Act (CPCE) and that you have the right to bring action, these Procedures may be for you.

Whatever the alternative dispute resolution procedures which has been chosen, rights-holders preserve the possibility to take the case before the courts.

Before you start proceedings, check the regulations and the case law decisions already published.

It is important to know that  a registrant of a domain name unreservedly undertakes to comply with the procedure for resolving disputes managed by Afnic.





In order to have further information, Afnic provides:

  • ADR Trends, a practical guide on how to draft and file claims or replies


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