New gTLDs : Registry solutions

Registry solutions and support offer for ICANN applicants wishing to introduce new gTLDs.


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These solutions have been specifically designed to address the needs of the various TLD project leaders (companies, associations, local authorities, etc.) in terms of their flexibility, their competitiveness and their levels of operational requirements, which surpass those of ICANN for the new gTLDs".

3 Offers

gTLD ACCES, intended for "single registrant" TLDs

gTLD ACCES is designed above all for the future holders of new gTLDs seeking to:

  • keep the exclusive right to register domain names in their TLD, without openly distributing them via a network of registrars.
  • use their TLD as a communication platform or support infrastructure for information systems, based on several hundreds of domain names.
  • set up a TLD compliant with ICANN requirements but on a limited budget.


This solution enables:

  • access to pooled infrastructures and systems (Datacenter, Systems, SRS, WHOIS, DNS).
  • the automation of registration constraints corresponding to ICANN obligations (prohibited terms, geographical names, etc.).
  • access to a registration channel (EPP and Web interface).


gTLD ESSOR, for a personalized, flexible solution

 gTLD ESSOR is designed to meet the needs of the future holders of new gTLDs, seeking to:

  • immediately have a degree of flexibility in the use of their TLD, and
  • secure the capacity for growth in their business


This solution replies to various needs:

  • opening registration in the TLD to an ecosystem or a community of stakeholders / users
  • the organized distribution of the domain names via various ICANN-accredited registrars
  •  the definition of automated registration rules specific to the TLD, over and above ICANN obligations (naming policy and eligibility rules)
  • the provision of dedicated infrastructures guaranteeing a certain degree of independence in relation to the other TLDs operated by AFNIC.


gTLD AMPLEUR, the large-scale TLD solution

gTLD AMPLEUR is intended above all for the most demanding new gTLD projects in terms of the volume of activity or the provision of exclusive infrastructures.


These projects benefit from a solution based on a high degree of separation between their hosting and their operation compared with the other TLDs operated by Afnic. These TLD holders will be able to completely control the automation of their registration policy and to develop their activity in order to reach several million domain names distributed by a wider network of registrars.

In addition, Afnic also allows the holders of the new TLDs to consider the deployment of registry solutions on their infrastructures. In addition to technology transfer, Afnic can also provide support for holders in several forms, including assistance in the hardware and software configuration of the solution, support in data transfer, as well in training the teams in the various business lines involved in managing a registry, etc.



Support for applicants

So that project leaders can successfully submit their applications to ICANN, Afnic has set up a rigorous support procedure, including taking charge of the technical issues involved in the ICANN questionnaire.

Afnic is also backed by a team of leading international experts recognized for their contributions to the development of ICANN procedures and their legal expertise in the allocation of the new extensions, including in intellectual property law, trademark law, marketing and commercial development, etc.