Manage your Domain Name


A domain name is an Internet resource that you only hold for a limited time. For this reason, to make sure your domain name is properly managed during the period in question, you must take certain precautions. For example, remember to renew your domain name each year, to prevent it from falling back into the public domain. In the case of a change of registrar, check the contract with your current registrar and carefully follow the procedures. Finally, it is recommended to regularly update your contact details so that you can be easily contacted by e-mail or by snail mail throughout the life of your domain name.

You can also cede or transfer your domain name to an eligible third party, or delete it if appropriate.  In case your domain name is no longer managed by a registrar you must follow the procedure for orphan domain names.


If you wish to get a domain name already created by someone else, you can check our documentation on dispute resolution.