Deleting your domain name

You have decided to give up the exclusive rights to use your domain name.


  • You have a period of 30 days, referred to as the redemption period, in which to change your mind.


At any time, you can ask AFNIC, through your registrar, to delete a domain name. The deletion process is designed to make the domain name "disappear", but not the Internet resources to which it enables access, via the DNS service . When you delete a domain name, you lose the exclusive right to use it. The domain name becomes available once again and can be re-allocated to anyone who requests it.


Contact your registrar

To make a deletion request, contact your registrar. AFNIC requires no substantiation for the request, and performs the delete operation for free, provided that no request to change registrars , or for a technological upgrade or a transfer of the domain name has already been made. Once the application is registered, AFNIC updates the Whois directory and indicates the period after which the deletion will be considered final.


30 days to cancellation

The AFNIC naming policy includes a so-called redemption period of 30 days before the definitive deletion of domain names with the .fr, .re, .yt, .pm, .wf and .tf.

extensions. During this period, no request for registration from another holder or another registrar will be accepted. On the other hand, the holder requesting the deletion may, through its registrar, ask to cancel the procedure. After this period, the deletion is final and irreversible.


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