Keep your contact information up to date

Make sure you can always be contacted by e-mail or by post at all times during the life of your domain name.



  • Comply with that obligation using the restricted information functions implemented by AFNIC


Under French law, it must always be possible to contact each holder of a domain name and therefore have valid, up to date contact information. It is therefore equally important to indicate, through your registrar, any changes to your contact details as the holder and the administrative contact (such as a change in your postal address, telephone number, or e-mail address). In general, you do not have to worry about the technical contact, which in principle is the registrar with which you registered your domain name.


In practice

Most registrars regularly offer to complete or update your contact details using an online form. Do not ignore these alerts. The absence of valid contact information, including an e-mail address that you regularly check, can prevent your registrar or AFNIC from notifying you of the end of the validity period for your domain name, or from your being informed of the existence of a dispute. Having updated contact information is also an obligation under the AFNIC naming policy, which you accepted when you registered your domain name.


Safe and secure

In order to protect individuals against the unsolicited use of their contact details, AFNIC has implemented a restricted distribution system for information published in the Whois directory concerning the holder and the administrative contact . In general, the technical contact is the Registrar with which you registered your domain name.

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