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September 2020

9/10/20 -

Press release

Forum Afnic - Domain names: protecting against and reacting in response to abuse

Afnic continues its series of debates for a trustworthy Internet with a workshop on protecting domain names against abuse

9/2/20 -

Press release

.fr turns 34!

Afnic, the association that manages .fr domain names, celebrates today the 34th anniversary of its most well-known TLD.

August 2020

8/10/20 -

JCSA19: A look back at the 2019 Afnic Scientific Council Open Day

A look back (in video format) at the ninth edition of the Afnic Scientific Council Open Day

July 2020

7/20/20 -

Afnic annual report 2019: “Responsibility, performance, resilience”

The 2019 activity report was presented at the Afnic General Meeting held on 1 July 2020. This document sets out the major milestones of the association’s development in 2019.

7/7/20 -

Press release

The Global Domain Name Market in 2019: will newTLDs create a sensation?

Analysis by Afnic:

7/1/20 -

Gandi and Isoc France elected to the Afnic Board of Trustees

The Afnic Annual General Meeting held on 1 July 2020 reappointed 2 elected members of the Board of Trustees, one Users’ representative and one Registrars’ representative.

June 2020

6/25/20 -

Press release

Afnic launches a series of debates on the fight against online abuse

The Afnic Forum for a trustworthy Internet will open on 2 July 2020 with a round table session dedicated to the fight against abuse during the health crisis.

6/23/20 -

Press release

Lucien Castex appointed Afnic's Representative for Public Affairs and Partnership Development

Afnic announced the appointment of Lucien Castex today as its Representative for Public Affairs and Partnership Development.