AFNIC key dates

Founded in 1997 by INRIA, AFNIC was managing more than 3 million .fr domain names by the end of 2016, the. The .fr was opened to individuals in 2006.


1986 > The French National Institute for Research in Computer Sciences and Automation (INRIA) was appointed to manage top level domain names for the .fr geographical area (ISO 3166 ccTLD) by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).


1996 > A naming policy defined the rules for allocating .fr domain names. It was developed by the INRIA. The policy already took intellectual property issues into account.

1997 > The French Network Information Centre (Afnic) was officially founded under the Law of 1 July 1901 on non-profit organizations.

2001 > The .re zone was opened on 25 June at the request of the French government. Managed by Afnic, the .re zone refers to Réunion Island, a French overseas department.


2004 > On 11 May, the "right to the name" is abandoned. From this date it is no longer required to justify with an official document the right to a specific domain name.


2006  >The .fr was opened to individuals on 20 June. All individuals are now able to directly register an .fr domain name, provided they are adults and can prove they have an address in France.

2007 > The first French Domain Name Industry Report was published on 28 November.

2008 > In January, Afnic celebrated the registration of its one millionth .fr domain name. 

2009 > The City of Paris decided to rely on the Afnic/CORE Franco-Swiss group for its assistance in creating the .paris extension. This new top level extension will enable companies, institutions and individuals to combine their online presence with the image and notoriety of the French capital.

2010 > domain names became available to French citizens residing overseas, without having to prove they have an address in France.

2011 > In April, Afnic celebrated the registration of its two millionth .fr domain name.

2 September 2011  > The .fr TLD celebrated its 25th anniversary

6 December 2011 > The .fr TLD and the other extensions managed by Afnic open to Europe: .re (Reunion), .pm (St. Pierre and Miquelon), .tf (French Southern and Antarctic Territories), .wf (Wallis and Futuna) and .yt (Mayotte).

28 June 2012 > In an Order, Ms Fleur Pellerin, Junior Minister for the Digital Economy, appointed Afnic as the registry for the .fr TLD for a new five year term.

3 July 2012 > Afnic opens IDNS to all


6 December 2012 >  2.5 million domain names for the .fr TLD

18 February 2013 > GS1 France and Afnic are continuing their coopération in the Internet of Things, with a view to the global deployment of the ONS 2.0 standard.

13 May 2013 > Afnic welcomes the green light for the .bzh and .paris New gTLDs

7 November 2013 > Afnic calls for an acceleration in the deployment of DNSSEC

31 March 2014  >The Registry’s new organization focuses on customer satisfaction and the development of new services

22 April 2014 > The .frogans and .paris nTLDs, for which AFNIC is the technical registry operator, have now been activated and will soon be available for registration

12 May 2014 > Afnic responds to ICANN Public Consultation on the transition of IANA oversight

2 - 4 June 2014 > Afnic staff welcome to Paris their European counterparts from the CENTR

26 June 2014 > The .bzh, the geoTLD for Britanny and for which AFNIC is the technical registry operator is launched.

4 September 2014 > The .bzh opens to registrations

9 September 2014 > From September 9th to November 11th 2014, applications for .paris are open to trademark holders, companies and public administrations from the Greater Paris Area (Région Île-de-France) who benefit from a priority over other applications.


25 September 2014 > Afnic laucnhes its promotional campaign "Succeed in .fr" for young people and entrepreneurs.


6 November 2014 > Inauguration of the new Afnic offices in Saint Quentin en Yvelines with Axelle Lemaire, Minister of State for Digital Affairs and Steve Crocker, ICANN President. For this occasion, Afnic organized a round table on Digital Solidarity presented by Pascal Samama with Braillenet, Passerelles Numériques and Emmaüs Connect.


2 December 2014 > General opening of .paris domain names.

4 December 2014 > General opening of .bzh domain names.


3 February 2015 > Launch of Zonemaster, a new DNS checking tool developed with the Swedish Registry IIS.

5 February 2015 > Afnic launches Abuse Report, a new solution to qualify identified abuses.

12 February 2015 > Made for Operators and domain name registries, Afnic now offers Registry Analytics.

17 March 2015 > General opening of 1 and 2 characters of .fr domain names.

30 March 2015 > Afnic offers multiyear registrations for .fr and oversea domain names.


7 April 2015 > General opening of .alsace domain names.

23 June 2015 > Afnic receives EFQM certification with E4E level for its 4 stars excellency in quality processes.

15 December 2015 > Release of the .fr domain names data in Open Data.


3 March 2016 > The Afnic Foundation for digital inclusion launches its first call for proposals.


4 April 2016 > Afnic is rewarded at the French Senate for the excellence of its management initiative.


13 December 2016 > .fr reaches 3 million domain names.


4 April 2017 > Afnic is renewed as Registry for .fr.


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