Our values

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Integrity is the password for our work.

  • We respect the letter and spirit of the legal frameworks within which we work, and make respecting our commitments a priority.
  • We promote transparency and guidance.
  • We are honest with our colleagues, with our partners, and with the public.
  • We are aware of the consequences of our work on others, and make sure nothing we do is discriminatory.

People are the focus for our work.

  • We respect the people who are affected by our work, by being attentive to them and available for discussion. We believe that respect for people also requires open and frank discussion on the difficulties they encounter.
  • We do not judge our employees hastily, we trust them, and encourage their initiative and independence.
  • We know that career development improves employee performance, and so strive to maintain a good work-life balance.

We use our skills to serve the Internet.

  • The best measure of our performance is the satisfaction of our customers, our employees, and the Internet community at large, and so we constantly strive to improve.
  • We are willing to question our practices when necessary in order to provide a professional response to the demands of our customers and the Internet community.

We form a team to serve the Internet.

  • The Internet is an excellent example: in a team, the combined result of individual efforts to achieve a common goal is greater than their sum ("1 +1 = 3"). We apply this principle in our decision-making and in our search for solutions which we discuss together within Afnic and with other stakeholders.
  • We value collective performance. We celebrate success as a team and face failure together.
  • When the unexpected happens, we strive to be accessible and available to our clients, colleagues and the community in general.

We face change with determination and resolve.

  • We like the challenge of finding solutions to difficult problems. In our undertakings, we sometimes make mistakes. We accept that, because they provide an opportunity to learn and improve.
  • When faced with opposition or particularly complex situations, we persevere because our work takes time.




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