The AFNIC Labs activity revolves around three main axes:


Carry out exploratory/experimental projects and develop innovative products & services


Through its research projects and innovation, AFNIC affirms its determination to continue to play a pioneering role in the study, design, implementation and testing of technologies that address the Future Internet usages. This approach also helps to ensure long-term presence at the forefront of the French Internet community in the development of open and interoperable standards. AFNIC Labs design its projects in partnership with private and public actors. These research projects cover a variety of topics revolving around the registry business. Another essential dimension is added to the exploratory projects, the innovative products & services whose objective is two fold: to meet the needs of today and the future of the Internet community and to contribute to the internal know-how by AFNIC.


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Carry out technology watch and participate in standardization activities


AFNIC’s Researchers and engineers are involved in Internet standardization and coordination bodies. They play an active role in IETF working groups (http://www.ietf.org/), especially on issues related to domain names and network infrastructure. AFNIC is also represented in the RIPE meetings (http://www.ripe.net/ripe/) CENTR (http://www.centr.org/), DNS-OARC (http://www.dns-oarc.net/), and other national and international conferences dedicated to the coordination and management of Internet resources. The technology watch nourishes reflection and the search for innovative solutions, in order to improve operational performance of the registry , and allow the creation of new products & services.


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Knowledge Transfer and dissemination of expertise/results internally and externally


With a long tradition of sharing and dissemination of knowledge, AFNIC is active in disseminating and sharing results of its research and technical expertise, both at national and international levels. AFNIC’s researchers and engineers participate in workshops, seminars and conferences organized by its academic and industrial partners. They are also involved in the technical advanced training courses on topics such as IPv6, DNS and DNSSEC. By its dual technical and operational competence, AFNIC is also very involved in the discussions and debates on Internet governance and usages.


Scientific and technical communications


For more information on these transfer actions, visit Scientific & technical publications and communications.


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