New TLD preparation

Afnic helps all along your TLD preparation and deployment.

Our experts help you to build your path to your .name registry. With you, we identify the required works and coordinate the multiple  concerned actors (Icann, technical contractors, experts juridiques, communication, other suppliers...)

At the end of our mission, you will be able to manage independently your tld.

  • Assistance in ICANN application step

    • Identification of required elements for the application ;
    • Preparation of replies to ICANN canvas questions ;
    • Response submission to ICANN ;
    • Réponse to ICANN additionnal questions (CQs).
  • Application follow-up untill final acceptation by ICANN.

    • Contractual elements analysis : Analyse of conditions applied to you when you will be delegated by ICANN ;
    • Preparation of replies to ICANN canvas questions ;
    • Réponse submission to ICANN.
  • TLD launch

    • Preparation for your TLD launch (detailled plan) ;

    • Coordination with technical registry operator.

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