.FR Lock

By locking the domain name at the registry level, Afnic offers a safety barrier against hacking for all your highly sensitive websites.

Protect its strategic domain names

Domain name deletions, fraudulent transfers and scams are commonplace and can lead to diversion of traffic or make a website completely inaccessible. They often make the headlines and their consequences can be extensive and costly for companies. Discouver how to protect your domain name.



By degrading the trust of customers, these incidents can have a lasting affect on a company's reputation and heavily penalize its activity.

These scams happen when someone fraudulently accesses the registration data of the domain name and changes them. With the .FR Lock service, Afnic helps you effectively control these risks by locking the domain name at the registry level. We thus offer a safety barrier for every company and institution whose website and online services are strategic. 

The .FR Lock service at a glance

How does the service work ?

  • The domain name is locked at the registry level further to the registrar request;
  • No operations or updates that may affect the resolution of a domain name (transfer, delete, etc.) are allowed;
  • To change the attributes of a domain name (configuration, holder, registrar, etc.), the Registrar sends an unlock request to Afnic;
  • The unlock request is validated after an authentification and verification process carried out by Afnic.

All .fr accredited registrars may offer the .FR Lock service to their customers.The service is subject to a specific contract to be signed between Afnic and the registrar before activation.
For further information : info@afnic.fr ou +33 1 39 30 83 00

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