Terms subject to prior review



Afnic develops and maintains a list of domain whose registration is subject to prior review.

To register one of these domain names, applications must be sent to the registrar of your choice, and the applicant must ensure that the domain name:

  • is not liable to disrupt public order or morality, or the rights guaranteed by the French Constitution or French law;
  • is not liable to infringe copyright or personality rights, and is not identical or similar to the name of the French Republic or a municipality unless the applicant has legitimate grounds and acts in good faith.

The voluntary transfer of a domain name subject to prior review can only occur after the new registrant has obtained authorisation from Afnic to do so under the same conditions.

Deleting a domain name subject to prior review overrides its reinstatement in the original list.

Other domain names are subject to a review procedure before registration is permitted. This applies to domain names subject to naming conventions such as those beginning with agglo-, cc-, cr-, cg-, mairie-, and ville- (the French prefixes for urban authority, chamber of commerce, general council, regional council, town hall, and city) whatever the extension choosen and the registration of domain names with the extension .gouv.fr (government bodies). 


Warning about lists


This list changes over time and applicants should familiarize themselves with it, it being understood that the list published online is not exhaustive, given that the simple fact of publishing some of these terms may offend certain members of the public.

For this purpose, and upon returning a dedicated form, AFNIC will send its members and customers, a complete list of domain names subject to prior review (1) by ordinary post or by email.  This list is confidential and its use must comply with AFNIC rules.  AFNIC cannot be held liable in the event of litigation concerning the use made of this list.

(1) : except for the names of French towns available directly on the site of the French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE).


Non-exhaustive lists of terms subject to prior review



afrique-du-sud, afrique-dusud, afriquedu-sud, afriquedusud, albanie, algerie, allemagne, angleterre, antigua, argentine, armenie, australie, autriche, azerbaidjan, bahrein, bangladesh, barbade, belarus, belgique, belize, benin, bolivie, bosnie-herzegovine, bosnieherzegovine, botswana, bresil, bulgarie, burkina-faso, burkinafaso, burundi, cambodge, cameroun, canada, centrafique, chili, chine, colombie, congo, coree, coree-du-nord, coree-du-sud, coree-dunord, coree-dusud, coreedu-nord, coreedu-sud, coreedunord, coreedusud, costa-rica, costarica, cote-d-ivoire, cote-divoire, coted-ivoire, cotedivoire, coteivoire, croatie, cuba, danemark, dominique, egypte, el-salvador, elsalvador, emirats-arabes-unis, emirats-arabesunis, emiratsarabes-unis, emiratsarabesunis, equateur, espagne, estonie, etats-unis, etats-unis-d-amerique, etatsunis, federation-de-russie, federation-derussie, federationde-russie, federationderussie, finlande, gabon, gambie, georgie, ghana, grande-bretagne, grandebretagne, grece, grenade, grenadines, guatemala, guinee, guinee-bissau, guinee-equatoriale, guineebissau, guineeequatoriale, guyana, haiti, hollande, honduras, hongrie, inde, indonesie, iran, iraq, irlande, islande, israel, italie, jamahiriya-arabe-libyenne, jamaique, japon, jordanie, kazakhstan, kenya, kirghizistan, laos, lesotho, lettonie, liban, liberia, libye, liechtenstein, lituanie, luxembourg, madagascar, malaisie, malawi, mali, malte, maroc, maurice, mauritanie, mexique, monaco, mongolie, mozambique, nevis, nicaragua, niger, nigeria, norvege, nouvelle-guinee, nouvelle-zelande, nouvelleguinee, nouvellezelande, oman, ouganda, ouzbekistan, panama, papouasie-nouvelle-guinee, papouasie-nouvelleguinee, papouasienouvelle-guinee, papouasienouvelleguinee, paraguay, pays-bas, paysbas, perou, philippines, pologne, portugal, republique-arabe-syrienne, republique-arabesyrienne, republique-centrafricaine, republique-de-coree, republique-de-moldova, republique-decoree, republique-democratique-du-congo, republique-democratique-ducongo, republique-democratique-populaire-laos, republique-dominicaine, republique-islamique-d-iran, republique-populaire-democratique-de-coree, republique-tcheque, republique-unie-de-tanzanie, republique-yougoslave-de-macedoine, republique-yougoslave-demacedoine, republique-yougoslavede-macedoine, republiquearabe-syrienne, republiquearabesyrienne, republiquecentrafricaine, republiquede-coree, republiquede-moldova, republiquedecoree, republiquedemocratique-du-congo, republiquedemocratiqueducongo, republiquedemoldova, republiquedominicaine, republiquetcheque, republiqueyougoslave-de-macedoine, republiqueyougoslavede-macedoine, republiqueyougoslavedemacedoine, roumanie, royaume-uni, royaumeuni, rwanda, saint-kitts, saint-kitts-et-nevis, saint-marin, saint-siege, saint-vincent-et-les-grenadines, sainte-lucie, saintelucie, saintkittnevis, saintkitts, saintkitts-et-nevis, saintkittsetnevis, saintmarin, saintsiege, salvador, sao-tome-et-principe, sao-tome-principe, saotome-et-principe, saotome-principe, saotomeetetprincipe, saotomeprincipe, senegal, sierra-leone, sierraleone, singapour, slovaquie, slovenie, soudan, sri-lanka, srilanka, suede, suisse, suriname, swaziland, syrie, tadjikistan, tanzanie, tchad, togo, trinite-et-tobago, trinite-ettobago, triniteet-tobago, triniteettobago, tunisie, turkmenistan, turquie, ukraine, uruguay, usa, vatican, venezuela, viet-nam, vietnam, yougoslavie, zambie, zimbabwe



abus-de-pouvoir, abusdepouvoir, antisemite, antisemites, antisemitisme, antisemitismes, arme, armes, aryen, atrocite, atrocites, barbarie, barbaries, barbarisme, barbarismes, bombardement, bombardements, bombe, bombes, camp-de-concentration, camp-de-concentrations, camp-deconcentration, camp-deconcentrations, campde-concentration, campde-concentrations, campdeconcentration, campdeconcentrations, camps-de-concentration, camps-de-concentrations, camps-deconcentration, camps-deconcentrations, campsde-concentration, campsde-concentrations, campsdeconcentration, campsdeconcentrations, carabine, carabines, carnage, carnages, chambre-a-gaz, chambre-agaz, chambrea-gaz, chambreagaz, chambres-a-gaz, chambres-agaz, chambresa-gaz, chambresagaz, chemise-brune, chemise-brunes, chemise-noire, chemisebrune, chemisebrunes, chemisenoire, chemises-brune, chemises-brunes, chemises-noires, chemisesbrune, chemisesbrunes, chemisesnoires, collaboration, collaborations, combat, combats, courdassise, croix-gammee, croix-gammees, croixgammee, croixgammees, deportation, deportations, epuration-ethnique, epurationethnique, epurations-ethniques, epurationsethniques, espion, espionnage, espionnages, espionner, espions, ethnocide, ethnocides, etoile-jaune, etoile-jaunes, etoilejaune, etoilejaunes, etoiles-jaune, etoiles-jaunes, etoilesjaune, etoilesjaunes, eugenisme, eugenismes, explosif, explosifs, extermination, exterminations, fascisme, fascismes, fasciste, fascistes, fausse-monnaie, fausse-monnaies, faussemonnaie, faussemonnaies, fausses-monnaie, fausses-monnaies, faussesmonnaie, faussesmonnaies, faux, four-crematoire, four-crematoires, fourcrematoire, fourcrematoires, fours-crematoire, fours-crematoires, fourscrematoire, fourscrematoires, fuhrer, fuhrers, fusil, fusils, genocide, genocides, gestapo, guerre, guerre-civile, guerre-civiles, guerre-froide, guerre-froides, guerrecivile, guerreciviles, guerrefroide, guerrefroides, guerres, guerres-civile, guerres-civiles, guerres-froide, guerres-froides, guerrescivile, guerresciviles, guerresfroide, guerresfroides, hitler, hitlerien, hitleriens, hitlerisme, hitlerismes, hitlers, holocauste, holocaustes, insurrection, insurrections, kapo, kristallnacht, mafia, massacre, massacrer, massacres, mein-kampf, meinkampf, mercenaire, mercenaires, milice, milices, mussolini, nazi, nazis, nazisme, nazismes, neonazisme, neonazismes, pogrom, pogroms, profanation, profanations, profaner, purification, purifications, rebellion, rebellions, revisionnisme, revisionnismes, revolver, revolvers, sabotage, sabotages, saboteur, saboteurs, securite, securites, shoah, shoahs, svatiska, terreur, terreurs, terrorisme, terrorismes, terroriste, terroristes, trahison, trahisons, traitre, traitres, waffen-ss, waffenss, xenophobe, xenophobes, xenophobie



abbe, abbes, allah, association, associations, bible, bouddha, bouddhisme, bouddhismes, brahmanisme, brahmanismes, catholicisme, catholicismes, catholique, catholiques, charia, chretien, chretiens, christianisme, christianismes, confucianisme, confucianismes, coran, culte, cultes, culture, cultures, cure, cures, diable, diables, diacre, diacres, dieu, dieux, droit, droit-de-l-homme, droit-de-la-defense, droit-de-lhomme, droit-del-homme, droitde-l-homme, droitde-lhomme, droitdeladefense, droitdelhomme, droits, eglise, eglises, emploi, emplois, envoutement, envoutements, envouter, eveque, eveques, expression, expressions, greve, greves, hindouisme, hindouismes, hindouiste, hindouistes, imam, imams, islam, islamisme, islamismes, islamiste, islamistes, islams, jainisme, jainismes, judaisme, judaismes, juif, juifs, laicite, laicites, liberte, manicheisme, manicheismes, manifestation, manifestations, mazdeisme, mazdeismes, mosquee, mosquees, musulman, musulmans, oratoire, oratoires, pasteur, pasteurs, propriete, proprietes, protestant, protestantisme, protestantismes, protestants, rabbin, rabbins, religion, religions, sanctuaire, sanctuaires, sante, santes, satan, satanique, sataniques, satanisme, satans, secte, sectes, shintoisme, shintoismes, social, sociaux, solidarite, solidarites, sorcellerie, sorcelleries, sorcier, sorciers, surete, synagogue, synagogues, syndicalisme, syndicalismes, syndicat, syndicats, tantrisme, tantrismes, taoisme, taoismes, temple, temples, testament, testaments, travail, vaudou, vedisme, vedismes, youde



absinthe, absinthes, acid, acide, acides, acids, alcool, alcoolisme, alcoolismes, alcools, amphetamine, amphetamines, anabolisant, anabolisants, avortement, avortements, barrette, barrettes, came, canabis, cannabis, cellule, clone, cobaye, cobayes, cocaine, cocaines, coke, cokes, corps, crack, cracks, dealer, dealers, defonce, defoncer, defonces, dopage, dopages, dope, dopes, drogue, drogues, ecstasy, embryon, embryons, fecondation, fiv, fix, foetus, fumette, fumettes, gammette, gammettes, genetique, genetiques, genome, genomes, greffe, greffes, hachisch, hachischs, herbe, herbes, heroine, heroines, insemination, inseminations, ivg, ivresse, ivresses, joint, joints, junkie, junkies, lsd, marijuana, marijuanas, medicament, medicaments, mere-porteuse, mere-porteuses, mereporteuse, mereporteuses, meres-porteuse, meres-porteuses, meresporteuse, meresporteuses, morphine, morphines, narcotique, narcotiques, narcotrafiquant, narcotrafiquants, opium, organe, organes, overdose, overdoses, pharmacie, pharmacies, poppers, poudre, poudres, sang, schnouf, schnoufs, shit, shoot, shoots, stup, stupefiant, stupefiants, stups, tabac, tabacs, tabagisme, tabagismes, toxicomanie, toxicomanies, transplantation, transplantations


International Organisations

asean, bird, bit, casque-bleu, casque-bleus, casquebleu, casquebleus, casques-bleu, casques-bleus, casquesbleu, casquesbleus, ceca, cee, cij, cjce, cnuced, euratom, fao, gatt, gmi, kafor, kfor, nato, omi, omm, ompi, oms, ong, onu, opep, otan, oua, pnud, tpi, uit, uncitral, unidir, unrwa, wipo, xxunesco


Internet Organisations

apnic, arin, centr, iab, iana, icann, iesg, ietf, internic, nic, registrar, registrars, registries, registry, ripe, w3, w3c


Internet Protocols

acap, afs, anycast, arpanet, arpanets, chap, courriel, courriels, courrier-electronique, courrierelectronique, courriers-electroniques, courrierselectroniques, darpa, data, dav, dhcp, dns, e-164, e-mail, e164, email, enum, epp, extranet, extranets, file, finger, ftp, gopher, html, http, icmp, ident, igmp, imap, in-addr, internet, internets, intranet, intranets, ip, ipng, ipsec, ipv4, ipv6, ldap, mail, mailserver, mailservers, mailto, mime, multicast, nfs, nntp, osi, pop, pop3, postmaster, postmasters, prospero, rfc, rtfm, rtsp, smtp, tcp, tcp-ip, tcpip, telnet, tftp, tip, tn3270, unicast, uri, url, vemmi, wais, webmaster, webmasters, wml, x400, x42d, x500, xhtml, xml



abus-d-autorite, abus-dautorite, abus-de-confiance, abus-de-faiblesse, abus-deconfiance, abus-defaiblesse, abusd-autorite, abusdautorite, abusde-confiance, abusde-faiblesse, abusdeconfiance, abusdefaiblesse, agression, agressions, arnaque, arnaquer, arnaques, assassin, assassinat, assassinats, assassiner, assassins, attentat, attentats, banditisme, banditismes, bigamie, bigamies, bizutage, bizutages, blanchiment, blanchiments, blessure, blessures, boycott, boycottage, boycottages, boycotts, braconnage, braconnages, braconner, braquage, braquages, calomnie, calomnies, cambriolage, cambriolages, chantage, chantages, chouraver, clandestin, clandestins, complot, comploter, complots, concussion, concussions, conspiration, conspirations, contravention, contraventions, contrebande, contrebandes, contrefacon, contrefacons, corruption, corruptions, coup, coups, crime, crimes, criminel, criminels, debauche, debauches, delit, delits, destruction, destructions, detournement, detournements, diffamation, diffamations, effraction, effractions, emeute, emeutes, empoisonnement, empoisonnements, empoisonner, enlevement, enlevements, escroquerie, escroqueries, excision, excisions, execution, executions, exhibitionnisme, exhibitionnismes, extorquer, extorsion, extorsions, falsification, falsifications, faussaire, faussaires, fratricide, fratricides, fraude, frauder, fraudes, gangster, gansters, harcelement, harcelements, harceler, hold-up, holdup, homicide, homicides, incendiaire, incendiaires, incendie, incendies, inceste, incestes, infanticide, infanticides, infraction, infractions, injure, injures, intrusion, intrusions, kidnappeur, kidnappeurs, kidnapping, kidnappings, kill, killer, killers, killeur, killeurs, malfaiteur, malfaiteurs, malveillance, malveillances, malversation, malversations, manoeuvre, manoeuvres, matricide, matricides, meurtre, meurtres, meurtrier, meurtriers, offense, offenses, otage, otages, outrage, outrages, parricide, parricides, pedophile, pedophiles, pedophilie, pedophilies, pervers, pervertion, pervertions, pillage, pillages, piller, pilleur, pilleurs, piratage, piratages, pirate, pirater, piraterie, pirateries, pirates, poison, polygame, polygames, polygamie, polygamies, prostitution, prostitutions, provocation, provocations, proxenete, proxenetes, proxenetisme, proxenetismes, pyromane, pyromanes, racket, racketer, rackets, racoler, racoleur, racoleurs, rancon, ranconner, rancons, rapt, rapts, recel, receleur, receleurs, recels, recidive, recidives, regicide, regicides, scelerat, scelerats, sequestration, sequestrations, sequestrer, spoliation, spoliations, subornation, subornations, suicide, suicides, tentative, tentatives, trafic, trafic-d-influence, trafic-dinfluence, traficd-influence, traficdinfluence, trafics, trafiquant, trafiquants, tromperie, tromperies, tuer, tuerie, tueries, tueur, tueurs, usurpation, usurpations, viol, violation, violations, violence, violer, violeur, violeurs, viols, vol, voler, voleur, voleurs, vols, zoophilie


Regulated Businesses

aeroport, aeroports, aoc, architecte, architectes, artisan, artisans, assedic, assedics, asso, assos, avocat, avocats, avoue, avoues, barreau, barreaux, chirurgien, chirurgien-dentiste, chirurgien-dentistes, chirurgiendentiste, chirurgiendentistes, chirurgiens, chirurgiens-dentiste, chirurgiens-dentistes, chirurgiensdentiste, chirurgiensdentistes, dentiste, dentistes, docteur, docteurs, expert-comptable, expert-comptables, expertcomptable, expertcomptables, experts-comptable, experts-comptables, expertscomptable, expertscomptables, generaliste, generalistes, geometre, geometre-expert, geometre-experts, geometreexpert, geometreexperts, geometres, geometres-expert, geometres-experts, geometresexpert, geometresexperts, huissier, huissier-de-justice, huissier-de-justices, huissier-justice, huissier-justices, huissierdejustice, huissierdejustices, huissierjustice, huissierjustices, huissiers, huissiers-de-justice, huissiers-de-justices, huissiers-justice, huissiers-justices, huissiersdejustice, huissiersdejustices, huissiersjustice, huissiersjustices, kinesitherapeute, kinesitherapeutes, kinesitherapie, kinesitherapies, maitre-artisan, maitreartisan, maitres-artisan, maitresartisans, masseur, masseur-kinesitherapeute, masseur-kinesitherapeutes, masseurs, masseurs-kinesitherapeute, masseurs-kinesitherapeutes, masseurskinesitherapeutes, medecin, medecins, noms, notaire, notaires, pedicure, pedicures, pharmacien, pharmaciens, podologue, podologues, port, ports, prd, presse, presses, sage-femme, sage-femmes, sagefemme, sagefemmes, sages-femme, sages-femmes, sagesfemme, sagesfemmes, veterinaire, veterinaires



academie, academies, administration, administrations, ambassade, ambassades, armee, armees, assemblee, assemblee-generale, assemblee-generales, assembleegenerale, assembleegenerales, assemblees, assemblees-generale, assemblees-generales, assembleesgenerale, assembleesgenerales, canton, cantonal, cantonale, cantonales, cantons, cent, centime, centimes, cents, citoyen, citoyenne, citoyennes, citoyennete, citoyennetes, citoyens, college, colleges, commune, communes, conseil-general, conseil-generaux, conseil-regional, conseil-regionaux, conseilgeneral, conseilgeneraux, conseilregional, conseilregionaux, conseils-general, conseils-generaux, conseils-regional, conseils-regionaux, conseilsgeneral, conseilsgeneraux, conseilsregional, conseilsregionaux, constitution, constitutions, cour-d-appel, cour-d-assise, courdappel, cstifrance, decret, decrets, democratie, democraties, departement, departements, depute, deputes, drapeau, drapeaux, ecole, ecoles, egalite, egalites, election, elections, elire, enfant, enfants, entente-cordiale, ententecordiale, ententes-cordiales, ententescordiales, etat, etats, euro, euros, fisc, fiscs, franc, france-allemagne, franceallemagne, francs, fraternite, fraternites, gendarme, gendarmerie, gendarmeries, gendarmes, gouvernance, gouvernances, gouvernement, gouvernements, hotel-de-ville, hotel-de-villes, hotel-deville, hotel-devilles, hotelde-ville, hotelde-villes, hoteldeville, hoteldevilles, hotels-de-ville, hotels-de-villes, hotels-deville, hotels-devilles, hotelsde-ville, hotelsde-villes, hotelsdeville, hotelsdevilles, impot, impots, juge, juges, jurisprudence, jurisprudences, justice, justices, loi, lois, lycee, lycees, magistrat, magistrats, maire, maires, mairie, mairies, marine-nationale, marinenationale, marseillaise, marseillaises, mineur, mineurs, ministere, ministeres, ministre, ministres, monnaie, monnaies, municipal, municipale, municipales, nation, nations, opinion-publique, opinion-publiques, opinionpublique, opinionpubliques, opinions-publique, opinions-publiques, opinionspublique, opinionspubliques, parlementaire, parlementaires, parlements, parti, partis, penal, police, polices, policier, policiers, politique, politiques, pompier, pompiers, prefecture, prefectures, prefet, prefets, premier-ministre, premier-ministres, premierministre, premierministres, premiers-ministre, premiers-ministres, premiersministre, premiersministres, president, president-de-la-republique, president-de-larepublique, president-dela-republiqe, president-dela-republique, president-delarepublique, presidentde-la-republique, presidentde-larepublique, presidentdela-republique, presidentdelarepublique, presidentiel, presidentielle, presidentielles, presidentiels, presidents, proces, putsch, putschs, region, regions, republique, republique-francaise, republiquefrancaise, republiques, sapeur-pompier, sapeur-pompiers, sapeurpompier, sapeurpompiers, sapeurs-pompier, sapeurs-pompiers, sapeurspompier, sapeurspompiers, senat, sous-prefecture, sous-prefectures, sousprefecture, sousprefectures, souverainete, tribunal, tribunaux, tva, universite, universites, vote, voter, votes



agence, agences, cabinet, cabinets, comite-entreprise, comiteentreprise, comites-entreprises, comitesentreprises, confederation, confederations, cooperative, cooperatives, corporation, corporations, entreprise, entreprises, epa, epic, epst, etablissement, etablissements, eurl, federation, federations, filiale, filiales, fondation, fondations, gie, gip, groupe, groupes, holding, holdings, institut, instituts, pme, rcs, reunions, sarl, sas, sca, scea, sci, scp, scs, sep, siren, sirene, siret, snc, societe, societes, srl, ssii, ssiis, statut, statuts, succursale, succursales, union, unions



bordel, bordels, bourreau, bourreaux, cadavre, cadavres, colonisation, croix-celtique, croixceltique, croixceltiques, crouille, crouilles, discrimination, esclavage, esclavagisme, esclave, esclaves, macchabee, macchabees, maison-close, maison-closes, maisonclose, maisoncloses, maisons-close, maisons-closes, maisonsclose, maisonscloses, martyre, martyres, martyriser, mort, morts, mutilation, persecuter, persecution, persecutions, prisonnier, prisonniers, race, races, racisme, racismes, raciste, racistes, sadique, sadiques, sadisme, sadismes, sevice, sevices, supplice, supplices, tortionnaire, tortionnaires, torture, tortures, traite, traites, travesti, travestis



aero, arpa, biz, cctld, cctlds, com, coop, edu, firm, gov, gtld, gtlds, info, int, mil, museum, name, net, nom, org, pro, rec, store, tmk


List of municipal names

The official list of the names of the French cities used to determine the reserved domain names is available on the INSEEwebsite.