Dispute resolution policy

Latest version in force: 17 February 2012

The allocation of domain names is on a "first come, first served" basis.

However, unlike similar trademarks which can co-exist in different classes, a domain name is unique in nature: there cannot be two identical domain names registered under the same extension.

In addition, several persons may claim different rights concerning the same domain name (intellectual property rights, the right to the name, commercial rights etc.). It is in this type of context that disputes arise.

In order to reach a solution, AFNIC provides several options in the form of procedures that can be used, either as part of litigation or not, or by any individual or entity, whether in their capacity as a rights holder or as the holder of a domain name.


For more information, please read our Litigation Management Policy.



Download the Dispute resolution policy for French Internet domains

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Latest version in force: 17 February 2012

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