How to Choose and create your Domain Name?

Whether you are an individual or an organization, take your time in choosing and buying your domain name because it will represent you on the Internet.

  • In your analysis, consider the perception of your correspondents and the meaning of the name you select
  • Make sure the domain name you have chosen complies with the Afnic Naming Policy and with the rights of third parties

On your communication media (business cards, brochures, etc.), your domain name also plays an important role in associating the ideas of modernity and openness conveyed by the Internet with your image. A domain name is not just the translation of an IP address in a string of characters that is easy to remember. It is also the first form of contact with your correspondents. Whether you use your family name, business name or a combination of keywords, a domain name is necessarily meaningful and helps to highlight an idea or an identity.


You should therefore ensure that your correspondents understand the same meaning as you, especially if you plan to use your domain name internationally. Finally, and especially if your search for a domain name is part of a corporate strategy, also remember the various syntactic possibilities, to counter data entry errors and avoid diversions of trade.

Before Registering Your Domain Name

As a minimum precaution, it is recommended to register the chosen domain name with the ccTLD of the target country (a .fr domain name for France) and the .com gTLD. It is also important to immediately ensure that the domain name you have chosen is available, by consulting our domain name availibilty check tool. Remember that a domain name is unique within a namespace (such as the .fr TLD) and is attributed to the first individual or entity that requests it and meets the eligibility criteria.

However, the chosen domain name must not infringe the rights of other persons, companies, or institutions. This may be the case if the chosen name is confusing with respect to a domain name already assigned, the surname of a person, or a brand name. Adding a key word is often enough to remove the ambiguity. These checks will also allow you to make sure your domain name will help you be clearly visible on the Internet.


Caution: Terms Subject To Prior Review

The namespaces managed by Afnic also include the terms subject to prior review, which you can see listed on our site.

An application to register a domain name containing a reserved term must be substantiated. Afnic may be led to refuse the application if there is evidence to prove the term will be used in bad faith, and/or there is no legitimate interest in registering it.


Registering Your Domain Name

Any individual residing in, and any corporate entity having their registered or main office in the territory of a Member of the European Union, or in the territory of the following countries: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, may register a domain name for a limited period, subject to accept the terms of the Afnic Naming Policy.   A domain name may be filed in order to associate web resources with it (known as an “activated domain”) or simply to safeguard its use by third parties.


Where to buy domain names?

In all cases, the domain name creation request is done through a registrar.

Afnic does not receive applications directy. Once transmitted by the registrar of your choice, the request to create a domain name in .fr, .pm, re, .tf, .wf or .yt is processed by Afnic as quickly as possible.